72 Hour Residential Driver
Intervention Program

The program is designed for individuals who have been convicted of a first time charge of Operating a Vehicle under the Influence (OVI). The purpose of this program is to assist individuals in making the right decision regarding their drinking and driving behaviors.

Recommended if you…

  • Need to meet the requirements of the Court for a 72-Hour Alternative to Incarceration Drivers Intervention Program (DIP).
  • Want to participate in a DIP program that includes the 2-Point Remedial Drivers Credit.

48 Hour Non-Residential
Educational Intervention Program

This program has been developed to meet the needs of those clients who have alcohol or drug related charges that are not sufficient to warrant a 72-Hour Residential Program.

Recommended if you…

  • Are required by the Court to complete an educational program for a drinking and/or driving (or other alcohol or drug related offense) that does not require a 72-Hour Residential Program.
  • Need to comply with an employer’s return to work order for alcohol and other education because you tested positive on a drug screen.
  • Need to comply with the recommendations of your EAP.
  • Need 15 hours of program content in an intensive two day 8 hour setting.

8 Hour Remedial
Defensive Driving Program

This program is open to anyone who wishes to earn a two-point credit on their driver’s license. The course covers safety issues, defensive driving techniques and key driving laws.

Recommended if you…

  • Need a State of Ohio certified 2-Point Credit to reduce the total points on your driver’s license.
  • Need a remedial drivers program as required by your employer.
  • Need to fulfill a Court requirement to secure your driving privileges.
  • Are required by your insurance company to attend in order to reduce your auto premium.

Educational Programs

We offer a variety of educational programs for helping professionals, business and industry, and the general public, including the Six (6) Day Driver’s Intervention Program.

Recommended if you…

  • Have been ordered by the Court to attend a Six (6) Day Driver’s Intervention Program.
  • Need of employee or supervisory training for compliance of drug free work place requirements.
  • Are an educator, attorney or other professional in need of an alcohol drug component for a professional education requirement.
  • Are an alcohol/drug treatment professional, counselor, EAP or other helping professional in need of CEU’s for licensure.
  • Are a church or community group that desires educational programs for a special event.

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